Thursday, December 1, 2011

The First viewbymom post

Welcome to viewbymom! 

I am hoping to take this blog to talk about the things in life that help us moms make it all work.  I also hope to create a blog that can both be helpful to other moms out there and to learn about other tools moms use in their lives.  I am a mom of 2 girls,  I am back in college,  I volunteer at the school almost daily (except during finals week!) about 1 hour a day,  I am part of Parent Committees and Policy Council, and I work part time.
I am far from perfect, but try to recognize my flaws and learn to become a better parent through experience and advice from others.  Topics like "Volunteering" or "How will I stay successful in school, and still be involved with my kids?".....or even, "How a Smartphone, Ipod, or Tablet can make my mom life more successful".  It takes a community and I am just trying to become part of a successful community.

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